Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing with Pride

Playing a team from the very top of the league is always a big ask even when those footballing dynamo's 'The L&B Badgers Rovers', fresh from four wins out of five matches, are asked to step up. You'll remember the last time we played The Ferngully Fliers and how close we were to sending them back to Kidderminster with a lot of thinking to do...That was a close run thing and the faint whiff of gaseous nervousness followed the Fliers onto the pitch this one in their right mind (excluding Nasty Nige of course) relishes playing The Rovers on their home patch. Read on drama lovers and be prepared for an epic tale of courage in the face of adversity.

St George

Right from the off both teams are playing as if their lives are depending on it. It's end-to-end stuff as first Ferndale have a go at the Rovers defence, sorry lads you'll have to do better than that to get past Arron 'The Monster' Manton, Liam 'More dependable than the price of gold' Wood, Josh 'The Motor' Hall and Luke 'The Steadfast' Painter. Then Rovers have a the shape of Connor 'speeding up the left wing' Porter-Brown, Ben 'Through the middle' James, Matt 'Long pass up the right wing' Griffin and of course finishing off with Alfie 'Ronaldinho' Newman, Jacob 'The Express' Gillibrand and James 'Defender destroyer' Henry.

FG have another attack, it is their turn after all, but it's gathered with ease by Ali 'Safe hands' Ching in the Rovers goal. The usual enormous drop kick finds Josh in midfield who flicks the ball to James. The FG defence nervously manage to clear the ball into touch. These guys are not playing as if they are potential division one...

From the throw-in Matt has a go from a long way out...That was close!

It's FG's turn again and they manage to escape the close defensive ring to head over the bar, Never fear, Ali had it covered. FG are applying more pressure but Liam stops them in their tracks with a great tackle. Matt G picks up the ball on the edge of the Rovers box and sends a beauty down the line to Jacob. He plays a 1-2 with Josh and then slots it neatly under the FG keeper. 1-0 Rovers is met with silence from the Ferndale supporters and jubilation from the Rovers contingent.

Back of the net
Back of the net!
From the restart Josh is radiating class again with some fantastic dribbling and passing. His impressive run comes to an end as he's cruelly chopped. Griffo hammers the spot kick at the jumpy FG keeper but much to his credit he hangs on, just. Ali gathers in a weak shot from FG and tries his luck with a shot from his own box...not very far away from making his opposite number give up and start walking backup the A449.

Ali will score next time...

Another attack from Rovers with Josh, James and Alfie but the resulting shot is just wide. Liam is his usual calm and skilful self in defense and passes to Connor who threads a great pass to Ben but the FG defence have it covered. Ali makes another critical save under pressure and the lose ball is cleared by Liam but FG are not giving up so easily and Arron has to make a great tackle to keep them out. His heroics lead to an injury and he has to leave the field of play. Arron is replaced by Dan 'The Beast' Watson. Another huge kick from Ali leads to a shot that is just wide from Jaocb. The pressure from FG shows and they finally score 1-1

FG have their tails up now and looking for more but unfortunatly they come across Ben who puts a halt to their plans with a strong tackle. Corner to FG, Ali has it covered.


'No 3 has a mustache!'

Martyn is right. That is more than a dirty mark around the FG No. 3's mouth. Unless he is a particularly messy chocolate muncher then I detect the handywork of Nasty Nige. A quick scan of the opposition supporters does not reveal our arch enemy but we know he's near....

Nasty Nige
'I will have my revenge! You Rovers think you can make fun of me and my plans! NEVER I TELL YOU! I have another surprise for you...just take a look at No. 6, Notice anything???? hahaha! haHAHA!  HAHAHA!

That number 6 does look surprisingly large and FG have him marking James. This might make things difficult...

Despite the intervention of the Odious Ogre of Oldbury Rovers are still keeping the lid on Ferndale. Connor stops another promising attack and Luke is using his strength to great effect. Dan W and Luke combine to clear up before Ali has to earn his pay. Josh and Matt G give a display of accurate passing before a couple of strange events take place...

The first of which is Russ's new fitness routine. I've heard that Pole Dancing is good for you (especially for blokes) but this is taking things too far.

Pole Dancing...Don't be scared mums and dads

The second is a pitch invasion...Ben's dad has a natural affinity with certain woolly hillside dwelling mammals and a few of them wondered onto the playing fields to pass on their regards from the old country...Luckily for us Nasty Nige is allergic to Wales and runs screaming from his hiding place (under the pooper scooper bin) in the general direction of Oldbury.

Meanwhile, back at the match Ben takes on three FG's and beats two. They are looking nervous...a long ball from Ali is delivered to Jacob who puts a superb through ball to James. The legacy of Nasty Nige is working however and James is bundled over by the monster in the No. 6 shirt.

'Number 6 is just stronger, no foul'


'That's a bit of an understatement! That monster is twice as tall as James and three times the width, can we see his birth certificate?'

If nothing else we know that James can out run anyone and he shows his prowess but cutting through the FG defense (leaving the monster looking bewildered) but just can't quite beat the keeper.

FG are attacking again and Ali makes a trademark brilliant save. FG's coaches get their heads together and come up with a cunning plan...

'You see that Rovers keeper? Avoid him!'
Good thinking lads...I can see you are expert tactical thinkers...We know Ali is a great keeper but surely that's the main aim of football, to beat the keeper...

 'Alfie stop your flicking nonsense...'

'Careful now...'

FG are applying pressure now despite their own lack of tactical thought, sheep invasions and Russ's distracting dance moves. Ali grabs the ball off the toes of an opposition attacker.

Ouch that's going to smart a bit! Sympathy for No. 23 as he takes a 'Griffo' in the face...


Meanwhile Dan W is up to speed now and really battling with the FG's. James is felled again by the giant but wins a corner for Rovers which is safely gathered by the keeper. Back in midfield Josh and Liam are giving a  masterclass in passing and control. Connor, Josh, Dan W and Liam are all mighty in defense. It's nearly half time and Jacob decides to take a long run down the wing but is eventually denied at the death by FG's defence.

The Second half starts much like the first ended with a corner to Rovers followed by an attack from FG. Dan T is on for Ben and makes an early impression with a strong tackle that fells a FG supporter and a through ball to James...felled again by No. 6. This is not funny...

I'm not very clear how that happened but it's a penalty to FG as one of their attackers was taken down...even Ali has no real chance to keep it out. Dan T and Josh are controlling midfield and providing quality ball to our forwards. Dan W does his job well and neutralises another potential threat. Ali is busy at the back with yet another save. Sustained pressure from Rovers now but the equaliser just won't come.

Liam and Dan W controlling middle defense and produce a great ball to Alfie who shows some great skill and tackling to allow Josh to run and earn a throw. Nothing doing. Ali makes another critical save. Ben is back on for Connor in a midfield reshuffle. Ali makes the save of the season, and that's saying someting...leaping like a salmon to push the ball over the bar. It's all defending now. It's like the Alamo out there as Ali saves again. Connor is back on for a tiring Alfie.

Arron sneaks on to the pitch as Russ tries the 4 - 4 - 3 formation but Russ relents and calls him back. Liam is not giving up and is still defending like a trojan. Ali makes three reaction saves as the FG's wonder what they have to do to get past him. That will make his end of season stats look even more impressive. That's it all over. Not the way we would have liked to end the season but the boys showed many of those flashes of brilliance that we have come to know and expect. Next season will be blinding...

Josh is deservedly named man of the match because of his sublime skills, his huge work rate and having more class than Rolls Royce.

This weeks mention in dispatches goes to Ali for two reasons. Firstly, as usual Ali is harder to beat than an ostrich egg and secondly, for the very sporting praise received from the Ferndale coaches after the match.

Final word from the ref...Yes it's him again...

Ref  'The score did not reflect the game'

Say no more...Played with Pride...well done lads


Monday, April 23, 2012

A Close Shave (Part 2)

Coming off the back of a three game winning streak (St. JohnsMalvern Town and Worcester Raiders) and a very close run thing against Warndon the boys are realising that they are now a formidable force in league two. Guess what? we won again! and this time it really was against the odds...Leigh and Bransford Badgers take on St. Johns Athletic...

Smashing game Gromit
Smashing game Gromit
St, Johns Athletic had very sportingly allowed us to play 10 a-side rather than the usual 11 as we had a number of players out with injury, fighting Bruce Lee or simply not available. The feeling was, as the storm clouds gathered on the horizon, that the game should be played as soon as possible. In the event the first few minutes of the game were played in a deluge.

Rain over Worcester
Just before it p...ersistently rained
To the game...

The first thing we noticed from the touchline was just how strict the referee was. The comments that passed amongst all the supporters (St. Johns included) fell into three categories...

The Ref

Either way he made his feelings known about the hand-ball law and how it applied to the modern game of Association Football. This left the boys and the supporters in no doubt how he intended to run the match...more later...

From the off Dan 'The Beast' Watson was on blistering form taking on three midfielders on his own down the left wing. What have you had for lunch Dan?? Long penetrating runs down the wing seem to be the order of the day today. Saints try one of their own only to be stopped in their tracks by Liam 'Mr Reliable' Wood who makes a great tackle followed by a clearance. Now it's Jacob 'The Malvern Express' Gillibrand who powers down the right wing and crosses just out of the reach of Ben 'In the thick of it today' James.

The next piece of Rovers brilliance comes from Connor 'The Confident' Porter-Brown who steals the ball neatly off a dumbstruck Saints forward and through-balls to James 'The defender magnet' Henry. James is surrounded before he can reach warp speed and denied a shot.

Meanwhile a classic Rovers move is in the offing. Arron 'The Monster' Manton clears out of defense to Josh 'Faster than a speeding bullet' Hall who sends a pin-point accurate pass to Ben. Ben dribbles past a midfielder and sends it back to Josh now out on the right wing supported by Dan 'Tuned in today' Thomson. Josh plays a neat one-two with Dan and drops the ball into Jacobs path to have a crack at goal. Just gathered by the Saints keeper. That would have been worthy of Barcelona...but it's not long until all the effort pays off... Ali 'All in control back here' Ching hoofs the ball into midfield where it's picked up by Connor. Connor passes through the middle to Dan T and Dan puts a perfectly weighted ball straight onto the toes of James who slots it under the keeper...This is becoming a habit... 1 - 0 to The Rovers.

Crouch Dance need to practice this...
Somehow Saints get past our thin black and white line at the back and have a shot at Ali. It's a pretty good shot and it keeps our man-between-the-sticks on his toes. Saints are applying a little pressure now but it's nothing Dan W and Connor can't handle and between them they sort out the difficulties.

Back at the Saints goal things are not quite as calm...Jacob puts in a killer pass to Ben who hammers a terrific shot just wide...that took a coat of paint off the outside of the post! The referee is being strict again...

Ref! Pwwweeeepppp! We'll have a free kick to Saints there...

Jacob looks stunned...and so do we. Jacob fouling someone? you must be blind ref!

Nothing comes of the free kick as Liam calmly runs the ball to through to the midfield who begin the duck-shoot again. Jacob, Dan T and James all have a punt at goal. Jacob puts in another beautifully accurate pass to James but the Saints keeper is staying sharp. Now it's Josh's turn. He has a near miss after more Barcelona-like passing from Rovers. The last play in this concerted application of pressure to Saints comes from Dan T who hammers a shot just over the bar from a long way outside the box.

Ref!Pwwweeeepppp! We'll have a free kick to Saints there...

Jacob is stunned again...and so are we...there was no foul there...even the Saint's supporters are scratching their heads.

Ali and Liam have a little wobble as they forget they can speak the same language but their usual calmness is soon back in evidence with a rye smile from Ali...We're doing a bit of defending now, first from a corner that is knocked out for a goal kick. Then from The Beast, doing what he does best and finally from Arron with a fantastic goal saving tackle...but wait...

Ref!Pwwweeeepppp! We'll have a free kick to Saints there...

What is going on? Jacob would be well within his rights to be furious...but instead he keeps calm, mature and professional (as always) and goes back to his position with no comment.

Ali gathers the rather weak kick and all is well. We have some more top quality defending from who else but Liam, Josh, Dan W, Connor and Arron. It really is not easy for opponents to get past these guys...

Rovers are hungry for goals now and shots from Ben, Dan T and Jacob are all capped off with a second goal from James. That's 2 - 0 to The Rovers.

That's 2

but James is not happy, he's limping like Frankensteins Monster.

Meanwhile, Saints have another go at Ali but he knows exactly where his posts are and watches the ball go out. With James struggling in the middle of the park Josh steps into the breach and we are treated to a display that would make Messi pack up his boots and take the next flight back to Argentina...Josh picks up the ball just outside Rovers box, passes three stunned Saints midfielders and lays a through-ball to Jacob that makes Rovers supporters weep with pride. Jacob bangs it home to complete the move. 3 - 0 to the Rovers

Ron Boys - with skill like that you could beat the European Champions...That was pure class!

What a way to end the first half...

But, this is a game in two halves...

The second half has a slightly different story line...

Right from the off Saints are making the most of Rovers being down to nine men as James is immobile on the centre spot. They get one back within minutes...mind you, that's still only 3 - 1 to Rovers.

Josh is showing his class once again down the right wing. This boy is like lightning today. Arron leading from the front and winning a corner for Rovers. It's gathered by the keeper. Nice dribbling and pass from Dan T to Jacob, Jacob to Ben but he's not able to shoot as the Saints defence close him down. James is still struggling near the centre spot and no amount of encouragement, cajoling or bribery can get him to overcome his injury. Connor's strong down the left wing, as he has been all game, but the resulting pass leaves Jacob outnumbered in the box and bundled over. What! No penalty...this ref has it in for Jacob and we fully expect him to give a free kick the other way. The lack of James is beginning to show as Josh has to make another goal saving tackle. The resultant corner is gathered in by Ali. Conner is off again like a scolded hen down the left ably supported by Ben and between them they win a corner. The corner kick is cleared straight into the line of sight of Liam...not wise...Liam has the Saints goaly in a real panic as the shot just goes over the bar. The ground staff will have to get the paint out again.

The next attack see Jacob hacked in the box.

Ref!Pwwweeeepppp! We'll have a penalty kick to Rovers there...

That's more like it. He must feel guilty about treating Jacob so badly. Justice dictates that Jacob takes the kick. Is there any chance. The spot kick nearly burns a hole in the back of the net and poor Champion (The four legged Saints supporter in the next field plays safe and sprints for the far end of his patch just in case)

That's 4 - 1 to Rovers

That's how to celebrate a successful penalty...
The extra man is beginning to tell and Saints have a couple of speculative punts at Ali. One is an absolute belter that demands a good save from our genius between the sticks. The Rovers are still demonstrating their new improved skills. Great passing is the order of the day with Dan W, Connor, Dan T, Josh and Arron all on target but once again Saints extra man shows and they sneak another goal. 4 - 2 Things might get a bit ropey if they score again...


Saints score again...4 - 3...keep your fur on!
Things are getting twitchy. Liam clears up a promising Saints attack with his usual calmness under fire attitude. Ben takes down the giant of the Saints attack and Dan W wonders why he wasn't allowed to mark that man. Ali has a moment in the Rovers goal and has to make two attempts at gathering a shot. Ali is proving that his reputation as the best goalie in the league is no empty claim as he has to make a couple more crucial saves. We're into injury time and Liam knows that possession is the key. He takes a sprint down the wing with Ben by his side. Saints are desperate but they can't get the ball.


It's all over. That's another win chalked up to the Rovers (and that's with a man down) Imagine what the score would have been if we had been up to strength...

Man of the match was Josh and give his contribution today that is no surprise...

Today's mention in dispatches could have gone to the whole team. Liam and Jacob were their usual solid, reliable and skillful selves. James banged home two great goals. Dan T played his best game of the season. Ali showed his usual brilliance between the sticks. Connor and Ben have really taken off on the left and middle but I think two of our number deserve the accolade today.


Arron worked hard all game, tackled like a demon, passed and cleared like a true pro. Dan W's courage never fails to amaze me...he will take on anyone and normally win but today he was passing and dribbling like a Premiership superstar.

Russ and Mandy deliver today's lesson...on being humble in victory!

Well done lads


A Close Shave (Part 1)

A bit of a retrospective this one...the match was played four weeks ago and by all accounts was so close that Mr Gillett-Fusion and Mr Wilkinson-Sword packed up their razor business and trundled off back to Sheffield...

A close shave
The general feeling of the Rovers team after the Warndon match
To say that Warndon managed to scrape past Leigh and Bransford Badgers Rovers by a gnats whisker is a complete understatement. Take a look in the right hand margin and select the quote that best sums up how near Warndon were to a well deserved defeat...

Matt G scored our only goal in the 2-1 defeat but as usual the boys played out of their skins with everyone giving 110%. I'm told one of the Warndon goals was scored off one of their players shoulders...sounds like pure luck to me...Sometimes results don't go your way but just remember how many teams have come away from a Rovers match with the very nervous feeling that they will have to play us again...remember FerngullyWarndon in the pre-season tournament and who can forget the away game at Malvern Town. Malvern are one side who were chopped down to size in the return fixture and I'm sure Ferndale will be training hard to make sure this doesn't happen to them.

Well done to all the boys...Rovers are now a very difficult team to beat and that shows how hard you have worked, how much dedication you have for the team and how your skills have developed over this season.

Nice one lads


Monday, March 19, 2012

Return of the Rovers (Winning is a habit)

It's been a winning weekend. Jenson Button wins the Formula 1 in Australia, England beat Ireland in the Rugby and made our friends from over the water choke on their Guiness on St. Patricks day, the England Ladies Grand Slam without a try against them, the England Cricketers win in Sri Lanka and I heard a rumour that Wales have won a minor tournament somewhere...but the big win of the weekend was the The Leigh and Bransford Badgers Rovers against The Worcester Raiders...or more commonly known as the...

You'll remember the last time we played the Worcester Raiders...after throwing them unceremoniously out of the cup they gave us a bit of a tough time...but not this weekend. On the back of walloping Malvern Town and crushing St.Johns Athletic the boys were up for a bit of revenge...

Rovers supporters
Han, Leia and Luke (the other one) show who they really believe in...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Don't panic! I'm not going to stretch the Star Wars metaphor again...and so to the game.

The Raiders are under pressure from the off with some good attacking challenges from Jacob 'The unstoppable' Gillibrand and Matt 'get stuck in' Griffin. When they do break out they are stopped by a good defensive tackle from Matt 'The Defensive Dynamo' Waldren and a strong clearance from Liam 'The General' Wood. This clearance is picked up by the Raiders midfield and is speculatively punted over the bar. Ben 'Blazing' James is carrying on from last week with another supersonic sprint along the wing. 

Somehow the referee manages to trip over the adjoining goal netting and fall flat on his backside...1 - 0 to the ref?? and then is heard the strangest of sounds...The Raiders coach has been watching to many Guy Richie movies. His Worcester 'Mockney' accent caused great hilarity amongst the Rovers supporters.

Cow mon fellas...sha 'em ha ta play!
Meanwhile, Liam keeping it tight at the back and Jacob tackles the Raiders defense all on his own and wins a free kick after being felled just outside the box. Griffo hits a blinder of a place kick straight into the Raiders goal. 1-0 to the Rovers.
that's one
Well counted Seb...That's one
Arron 'The Monster' Manton makes the tackle that Dan T and Ben haven't quite managed to complete and Matt W makes a well timed goal saving maneuver. At this point one of the Raiders gets a little 'spirited' and decides to have a go at big Matt W...Not the smartest choice he will ever make. Matt just laughs at the little fella in the sure knowledge that if he did decide to retaliate the poor little chap would be hammered up to his knees into the pitch. Raiders coaches to the right thing and sub their intransigent midfielder to cool down (for his own good). The boys are growing in confidence by the minute and this is proven by some great passing between Ben, Alfie 'Faster than a speeding bullet' Newman and James 'Another day, another goal' Henry. James tries a now trademark chip but it's just wide. Things are getting better and better with a great cross from Griffo neatly nodded in by James. That's 2-0 to the Rovers. 

That's two
Advanced mathematics for Wayne..."Erm dat's erm one and another one"
Two, Wayne  one and one is two...
Some words of wisdom from the Raiders coaches as they tell their boys to stop 'Banging-in thirty yarders??? Odd, they can't seem to bang in a one yarder never mind a thirty...Talk to Griffo lads, he'll show you how it's done. 

Jacob dribbles and shoots just wide. He really is on fire today. Luke 'The man in midfield' Painter controls a Raiders clearance and puts in a through ball just out of the reach on Jacob. Great passing and shooting again from Jacob. Raiders have finally got it together and have caused a goal mouth scramble that has the Rovers supporters hearts in their mouths and wins them a corner. Connor 'The goal mouth geezer' Porter-Brown saves the resulting kick. 

James takes on five defenders on his own but is denied...Then out of the blue a belter from Raiders leaves Connor with no chance. 2-1. Nice goal, it has to be said... but as usual the Rovers are not dismayed...

Connor holds a hard free kick after a minor infringement on the edge of our box. Another good run from Ben down the right feeding Jacob who is denied by the Raiders defense. Luke in possession on the halfway line long-balls through to Matt G who in turn lobs it overs the defence to James.  James as cool as you like slots it under the flailing Raiders keeper. 3-1 to The Rovers. 

That's three
Well done George, you've remembered how to count to three...
Connor saves a speculative shot from the Raiders as the last act before half-time. 

A quietly confident team talk takes raised voices, no panic, just cool, calm and collected words of advice from Mandy, Russ and Martyn. Time to bury the Raiders...Only one change Arron subbed for Josh and a bit of reorganisation takes place up front with Matt W (big striker) and James (little striker) being the new double act.

It's a little bit scrappy at the back but so far so good, Rovers maintain their cool. Connor scares a Raiders attacker into missing. A couple of good pieces of control from Dan 'Accuracy is my middle names' Thomson and Ben bails us out of a potentially dangerous situation with a well timed tackle. Meanwhile at the other end Jacob and Matt W combine to allow James a shot - just wide. The ref. spots something and awards a free kick on the edge of the Rovers box. The resulting place kick has Connor making three saves in a confused encounter on the goal line. C'mon lads, hold it together...

The duck shoot continues at he other end...Matt W shoots but it's gathered by keeper. James runs and shoots at the keeper as well.  It's still a little scrappy but Liam is his usual confident self at the back aided and abetted by Ben who is being very tough in defense. Some nice skills from Alfie in midfield but he's not happy and is subbed for Arron.  James and Ben win a corner off a panicking Raiders defence. Josh 'Back in the thick of it' Hall has a go from along way out but with Jacob following up wins a corner. It's now Luke's turn to have a go. He produces a great lob by that just bundled out by the Raiders keeper. Another corner from a scrappy clearance by the Raiders. Dan T penalised for a 50-50, Dan T! fouling someone! are you sure ref??? Either way it comes to naught. All the boys are making the effort now and there is no let up for Raiders. Josh is back to his tenacious best and makes a critical tackle. Arron is not being left out and adds his strength to snuff out a Raiders attack. Luke meanwhile shows his class once again and helping the every reliable Liam clear the lines.

The Raiders coaches are now scolding their players a sure sign of impending defeat. Another speculative shot saved by the confident Connor. Ben 'my new name is Messi' James plays a blinding side-foot flicked through-ball to Matt G and accelerates into the distance. Griffo then returns the favour and Ben lobs it over the defence for James who just can't get the shot away. Jacob is on another storming run down the right after a lovely long ball from Luke. The subsequent shot is knocked in but is handball. Finally, the coup de gras...Jacob slots home a beauty after a pinpoint precise through ball from Matt W. 4-1 to the Rovers...

That's four
That's a big four...

What a performance...AGAIN!

James is nominated as Man of the Match for two sweet goals.

This weeks mention in dispatches goes to two stalwarts of the Rovers team Jacob and Liam. Both have worked their socks off again today and have led by example. 


A very special mention goes to Fabrice Muamba. Everyone wishes him well and hopes for his speedy recovery.

A top effort again by all the boys.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who's playing who??

I have to admit I'm baffled...While I am of course very happy that Rangers are in the final...something is bothering me...Last year a tournament was held in Ledbury for one or two sides from the league and a multitude of 'Rangers' teams. In the club news letter it says that Rangers will be playing Warndon Village Leopards in the final but the question is...Are Warndon still masquerading as the Rangers 'B' team??? If so does this mean that the Leigh and Bransford Badgers have the cup sewn up?? I took the liberty of asking the Rangers management team their thoughts...

Rangers Management

I'm not convinced they know themselves...or is it a cunning rouse??

I smell a rat...and need some professional help to get to the bottom of this...


After some serious investigation...which involved several disguises

as the milkman to the wealthier members of L&B Badgers coaching team
as Rhod Gilberts stunt double
as a potential buyer of the Rangers squad
I uncovered the insidious plot...

The plan is not to build a new clubhouse at Powick FC as agreed with the is actually a clone laboratory that will be turning out lookalike Rangers squads to take over the league team by team to ensure they win all tournaments and trophies (you have to assume Ledbury left a scar...). On digging a little deeper I discovered irregularities regarding Italian based financial services with associations in Worcester and a Welsh construction company's proposal for the clubhouse...I have warned the Warndon coaching team and they have taken steps but judging by the latest squad photo I'm to late...

Rangers B
The Rangers 'B' team...Nice kit...
All in good fun...don't shoot the messenger


Monday, March 12, 2012

They played a blinder

What can you say!...another Sunday and another victory. A beautiful early Spring afternoon at Powick was rounded off nicely by another display in precision football from the boys.

What do you think Phil?

Big Phil
Da boyza done good!
Took the words right out of my mouth...

It really was a hot day, T-shirt weather and the knobbly knees were exposed early...Russ in shorts, are you sure we shouldn't use Eric Morecambe as his blog avatar?? Mandy's comment summed up the view from the touchline...


"He's scary enough with his trouser on!"

Thanks Mandy...hem hem... I think it's time for the match report with no further comment...

Good early pressure from James 'I can smell a hat-trick today' Henry and Alfie 'Only if I don't score it first' Newman. Early panic in the Rovers goal mouth leads to a brief scramble but all the pressure is really all coming from our boys. James is felled just outside the Saint's box. Is James's name on a hit list of some kind or has his reputation as the fastest forward in the league preceding him??

The last defender who couldn't catch James...plays for Mexico I believe
Either way it's a free kick from Matt 'Blaster-boot' Griffin that runs across the goal mouth evading all attempts to score or clear. A tidy through-ball from Dan 'Get on the end of that one' Thomson has an accelerating James lofting the ball just over the bar. It's the turn of Ben 'watch this for a piece of skill' James who tries a lob that lands just right for Jacob 'Doing the hard yards' Gillibrand to challenge the keeper. James has another shot which produces a corner via the Saint's keeper. After last week Alfie and Matt G are feeling confident in their short corner tactic and it takes a very special effort from the Saint's number 4 to clear it with a neat overhead kick off the line...Well done that man.

All the boys working hard and really putting in the effort.

A great tackle when we needed it from Matt 'The goal shield' Waldren
A mighty clearance from Matt G.
James has another chase through the Saint's defence and the shot is just about held by a juggling Saint's keeper.
Now it's Jacob...he steams like an express train from the halfway line and the shot is just wide.
Dan T is 'getting in the face' of the Saint's midfielders
Arron 'The Monster' Manton doesn't want to be left out and produces a mighty punt out of defence.
Ben is showing his silky skills in midfield with some strong tackling and accurate passing.
Connor 'The left wing locomotive' Porter-Brown is on a roll from last weeks performance and is appearing all over the park.
Alfie is keeping the Saint's defence on their toes
No surprises...Liam 'The Rock' Wood is making sure nothing is missed at the back while and keeping the midfield well supplied with quality ball.
Meanwhile, where's Ali??

Quiet at the back
It's a bit quiet at the back...
But it's all about to change...Saint's send a couple of kicks high, high into the air. The first is fielded by Liam but the second is gathered by Ali only to be knocked out of his hands by an attacker and goes in. How jammy was that??? 0 - 1. Back in the bad old days this would have led to arguments but not anymore...this is the new improved Rovers...calls of "no problem lads, we can get this back", "It's only one" and "Heads up Rovers!" echo around the park and that means there is no chance of any heads going down. It won't be long before there is an equaliser...

Another storming run by Jacob leads to a shot by Griffo that is guided in by, who else but James. 1-1. See I told you it wouldn't be long...

Alfie unleashes a rocket of a shot that is just saved by the juggler in the Saint's goal but, this time the luck is with Rovers as James knocks it in for his second of the afternoon. 2-1 to Rovers. More great play from the boys. Confidence is really high now and you can see it in the quality of their play. Matt G sends another shot screaming over the bar. After what seems like an age Saint's get the ball again on the break and manage somehow to grab an equaliser. 2-2. Normally things would be getting tense but there is a serene calm about the Rovers team, they know this game is in the bag, it's just a matter of time. Just to prove it Jacob makes a fantastic turn on the ball and shoots. This wins a corner that just goes over the bar.

The half time team-talk is delivered by Russ and Martyn to a squad that is cooler that the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team.

How cool?
And you thought I was kidding...

So, to the second half...

The changes are rung and on comes Luke 'Midfield Maestro' Painter and Dan 'The Beast' Watson. Now we shall see some sparks fly!

Arron is early in to the action with yet another long, long Ali-like kick out of defense. Ali 'Dambuster' Ching hurls the ball almost as far as he can kick it...that's a big throw... Jacob has another shot that goes out for a corner. Arron makes a brilliant tackle to stop an attack that would have brightened Ali's day. Luke is now making his presence felt in midfield with a nice through-ball to Jacob who is trying to take on three defenders. He wins out in the end but the shot is gathered by Saint's keeper. Rovers are keeping our juggling friend busy: Griffo hammers a free kick at him, Luke fires in a cross, Ben and Jacob combine to keep him interested but he gathers them all in. I've used this clip before but it's so good I'm adding it again as it perfectly sums up the Saint's keeper...Dambusters.

We need a winner from somewhere or the cool persona may slip away...Connor is doing his bit and unleashes a belter, just wide. Luke tries the long-ball but it's a bit too far for James. Griffo is pulling his weight with some strong challenges. That man Connor again, he runs and crosses but it's gathered once again by the keeper. Dan T puts in a good tackle and lays the ball off to Jacob. The resulting long run ends with a shot from Luke - just wide for a corner. The corner goes across the goal mouth yet again. Dan W is in the action with a crucial tackle. All the Rovers through-balls are just too long. It's anyone's game.


Dan, Dan you've lost your man!


Dan, Dan run as fast as you can!


Dan, Dan the tackling man!


What is this? a new club song?

Dan W knows what he is doing and combines with Connor to squeeze out a promising attack. Talking of Connor...he's in the thick of it again, tackling like a demon. He passes to Dan T who puts a nicely weighted through-ball to James but the keeper just gets there first.

Ali wallops his hardest kick of the season...two bounces and it's with his opposite number. Ali, What did you have for lunch???

Wait a moment...Hand ball!.  The ref gives Griffo a chance to break the deadlock. Any doubt? No chance. Griffo keeps his knee over the ball and hammers it home. 3-2 to The Rovers. The unstoppable Connor is at it again, running and winning a throw. Rovers have another corner - just over. Dan T and Luke show their class on the left wing. Yet another corner - just wide. Strong challange by Dan T. Wonderful run by Jacob and the shot is just over. The goal kick is sent straight to Griffo. What a mistake to make...he bangs it straight back into the goal.  4-2. That's it the final whistle sounds and another victory to The Rovers.

What else can you say but...

We win

The deserving Man of the match was Liam. He really is the engine room of the team and communicates better than BT.


This weeks Mention in Despatches goes to Conor. Steady and focused in the first half but the effort, skill and strength he showed in the second half was excellent.

Careful or this might become a habit