Monday, September 19, 2011

The Droitwich hoodoo strikes again

Leigh and Bransford Badgers - The Droitwich hoodoo strikes again

What is it about the town of Droitwich and Westbury Celtic that causes so much pain and misery for the Rovers? Maybe it was playing at altitude that had a negative effect and blunted our usual skills ...and made Russ so grumpy?

Come on Boys
'Come on boys!'

The pitch is at least 30 feet above sea level…or maybe it’s something in the famous Droitwich water. We may never know…still we can always give them a good hiding when they visit us :)

So, to the game.

The start made for interesting viewing with a rather sneaky goal by Celtic early doors but brilliantly equalized from a free kick by Matty ‘The spot kick specialist’ Griffin. At this point something needs to be said about the Celtic goal keeper. He was so small we actually thought he was a spectator rather than the glove-man…Early on he was suffering, seriously under siege from Matty Griffo and Richard ‘That one has snow on it’ Stevens both of whom came close, Matty just hitting the side netting from a corner and Richard just clearing the bar with an attempted lob. The poor lad reminded me of Gandalf and the Balrog from Lord of the Rings…with a slightly different outcome. Gandalf fell into the abyss fighting for his life with a monstrous evil from the beginnings of time… whereas… the Celtic keeper had to sit down after taking a knock to the knee. A brave young chap none-the-less and Ron salutes you.


Gandalf: 'You will not pass!'

Balrog: 'How did you know I play for the Rovers?'


                                                    'Come on boys!'

Meanwhile, at the other end Ali ‘You need to do better than that to get past me’ Ching was showing his skills with yet another spectacular save. (One of many this Sunday).
For most of this half there were sustained periods of pressure from the Rovers mainly supplied by Luke ‘You though Jack Charlton was tough’ Painter, Josh ‘Works harder than a 10 fingered pianist’ Hall and Ben ‘Through ball is my middle name’ James for the attackers to try and get our noses ahead. The nearest we came was an ‘on the line’ rebound from the underside of the crossbar by James ‘That was an obvious goal’ Henry. So was it?

A:  A classic goal rightfully given by the ref…



B: A classic goal tragically not given by the ref…

No goal

Answers on a postcard…either way ‘we was robbed’

By this time Celtic’s substitute goalie was being a used for target practice by our increasingly confident forwards. Josh and Richard both trying overhead kick through-balls although to no avail. Unfortunately, Celtic got lucky and caught our defence flat-footed with their hands in the air calling ‘Ref! Offside!’ (or trying to catch a bus, not sure which…) and scoring again. The moral of this story? 

Play to the whistle…


                                                   'Come on boys!'

After a pretty precise pep-talk pointing to the potential profit in playing positive the second half beckoned.
It looks like James picked-up the positive perspective of the preaching and scored a goal that made Westbury Celtic into Westbury Wonderers…wondering how on earth they didn’t stop it. The ball rolled so slowly towards the line with the defence in pursuit it was like slow motion rerun of Norman Wisdom being chased by those coppers…

This was the high point of the afternoon and it went a little downhill from here. Things took on the look of Harry Enfield’s 1934 Arsenal side…

The remaining highlights were a blazing run by ‘White Lightning’ Woods, a near miss from Alfie ‘A coat of paint away from glory’ Newman, the midfield squeeze applied by Liam ‘I’ll take him on the left’ Woods and Dan ‘I’ll take him on the right’ Thomson to the kid with the ‘imaginative’ haircut and finally a fine display of noble art of head-ball by Liam and Luke.

Ali was declared man of the match for his outstanding performance between the sticks.

This week’s mention in dispatches goes to Josh ‘No surrender’ Hall for keeping going when all around him were just-fit-to-drop. In the later part of the game all that could be heard on the touch line was variations on ‘Well done Josh!’, ‘Nice one Josh!’ and ‘I’m tired just watching him…’ 
A final word has to go to the Rovers parents…With Celtic spending so much time in the dying moments in our half some wit exclaimed ‘Let them score! At least then we can have possession half way up the pitch’. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened...

                                                   'Come on boys!'

Did not deserve that

You didn’t deserve to lose that lads…

Keep the stiff upper lip...


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