Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Season - A New Hope

Leigh and Bransford Badgers - A New Season - A New Hope

Tough game for the Rovers this Sunday…

Bearing in mind that this is an U13’s game…one of the Tigers midfielders was seen before the game being wished ‘good luck’ by his wife and kids, his midfield partner on the other side of the pitch had a beard my grandmother would be proud of and the ref was heard to comment in reply to Mandy’s question  ‘Have you seen any of these kids birth certificates?’ by saying ‘They do look a bit large don't they...’.

I took the liberty of quizzing the Tigers back four on the subject with mixed results…

I am 13 I tell ya

'Do'n know what you is torkin' 'bout'! I'm 12 I am'

Giant Haystacks

'I'm Big Daddy's 12 year old grandson' (One for the mums and dads there...Ron)

Bernard Breslaw

'I am 13 and I cut off your knees if you don't believe me'



I have noticed some similarity between Big Brian and our own Russ Henry...can't think why...

Anyway, after Tigers forwards had picked the lunch out of their moustaches the game kicked off.

Unlucky beginning for the Rovers keeper and defence, it was a little like ‘The Alamo’ with Connor ‘Jim Bowie’ Porter-Brown having the most to do. He made some heroic saves and his defenders were masterful in their commitment to his protection but unfortunately, one or two did manage to scrape through…Luke ‘Big Jack Charlton’ Painter was as solid and dependable as ever together with the two Dannies and Arron ‘Come and ‘av a go if you think you’re ‘ard enough’ Manton who together made up the thin red (and black) line.

Some fine midfield play by the Rovers, ably led by Will ‘I bet that will make his eyes water’ Swiers who was struggling with a rather tightly bound ankle support (I’m sure I could see one of his feet twice the size of the other and throbbing through his boot) and a heavy ball impact to his credentials. Either way despite battling bravely on he was sub’ed and Matty Griffo took on the heavy responsibility of leadership.  A mention in despatches must go to Liam ‘White Lightning’ Woods whose runs up the wing left the Tigers flat footed giants standing and his crosses were only just out of the reach of Jacob and James. So at this point, morally speaking, we were at least three up…

The final quarter of the game showed the Rovers true fighting spirit…a deeply cynical foul in the box led to a Rovers penalty which was unfortunately just diverted over the bar by a strong head wind. I have no doubt that on another day Matty ‘don’t get in the way of that one’ Griffo would have burned a hole in the back of the net as usual. A very well deserved goal at the death was scored by James ‘like a knife through butter’ Henry. His usual ploy of taking on the whole opposing defence single handed worked yet again.  I have no doubt that Jacob and Alfie will do the same if James passes the ball to them...

The icing on the cake of this Sunday’s activities was ‘Nasty’ Nigel’s face when he realised that there was no clean sheet to be had…life can be tough Nige…
Nasty Nige

'I hate those Rovers...they won't stop me from taking over the world! Ha Hahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha. The league will be mine I tell you!' 

James was selected as man of the match for giving old Nige that ‘just sucked a lemon’ look and a rather good goal.

It’s a game in two halves…

Ron of the Rovers

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