Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baboons Bottom

Leigh and Bransford Badgers - Baboons Bottom

I’ve just been reading the latest sane and reasonable thinking from FIFA about not allowing the England boys to wear poppies when they play the friendly against Spain next Saturday...

It must be nice coming from a quiet, prosperous little country that has no natural enemies in the world. Whose wealth has nothing to do with previous conflicts, dubious financial practices or ill-gotten gains from war crimes and whose soldiers have had nothing to do but kick about The Vatican and invent pen knives for their entertainment because their government had bought their freedom by fencing precious metals. It must be nice…

It must also be nice to grow up in this safe environment knowing that none of your family will be involved in anything more dangerous that making Cuckoo Clocks and I’m sure Sepp Blatter would be the first to admit it...

Potential Cuckoo Clocks
Basic materials for the Cuckoo Clock trade

Our genial friend Sepp…the lover of all things English. 

Everyones favourite Swiss

A man that would never conceive of the idea of corruption in sport, of selling services to the highest bidder, of insulting women’s football, of ignoring fair play protests from the Irish, of being a luddite or being bitter about the British media portraying him as running FIFA like a mafia godfather and rightly so!… he’s a good man and I won’t hear a word against him…and neither will Jack Warner...

I’m sure that if he knew the poppy represents all those who fought to give him that lovely, peaceful and prosperous early life away from fear, pain and death he would change his mind in an instant! after all we all respect his sense of justice, fair play and for just standing up for what is right...


After all who would upset the war veterans that the mighty Sepp admires so much?

Some totally unrelated pictures...enjoy!

Sepp,a baboons bottom and some cash

Normal service will be resumed once I have got off my soap box.

Once more unto the breach...


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