Monday, December 5, 2011

X-Factor comes to L&B Badgers Rovers

After a few comments from Russ regarding my choice of how he is portrayed in this blog I have decided to let democracy take its course and hold a little Christmas there was no game on Sunday and I had to find something to write about...

So, welcome to the...


This weeks contenders for the Russ Henry Blog Avatar are:

Contesent A: Brian 'HAVE YOU LOST YOUR CONKERS' Blessed

Chiswick! Fresh horse!

An old friend of the Rovers blog...remember such classic s as 'COME ON BOYS!'  and 'GIVE ME THE BALL BACK SQUIRELL!'  Does Mr Blessed's voluminous versisatude remind you of our doyen of the dynamic dribble? (Does his shouting sound like Russ...) If so vote 'Brian Blessed' in the poll at the top of the right hand column.

Contestent B: George 'The ladies man' Clooney 

Russ after a night on the town

I would link a video but Mr Clooney's lawyers have threatened to have me deported to Australia if I depict him in a bad light...and as Australians play football by picking up the ball and running with it (what kind of a game is that!) I have decided to let the matter rest.

A new comer in the blog stakes, but is his more mellow 'come on boys'  reflective of the Big R himself?  'Does Mr Clooney float your boat? should we launch him as HMS Henry? If so, vote 'George Clooney' in the poll.

Contestent C: Eric 'All the right notes but not necessarily in the right order' Morecambe

Wey hey! Arsenal!

A rank outsider this one...ask your mum and dad about him... The only reason he appears is that I happened to see the Andrew Preview sketch at the weekend and comedy doesn't come much better that this. Does Eric's particular brand of humour remind you of our own coaching collosus? If so, you know what to do...

Finally, If you think my selections are pants...If you think you could do better...If you think I have scored three own goals? Then... Let's see you do better! Comment on this post and I will add whoever you like to the poll. 

In the interests of fairness Russ will have a vote too but be careful in case you upset him by selecting the wrong one as he may add this to your training schedule...

Bring me sunshine


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