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The Spectre of Old Malvern Town

Leigh and Bransford Badgers - The Spectre of Old Malvern Town 

There was a chill felt this afternoon that was nothing to do with the weather. The source was difficult to put your finger on. It seemed to ignore all layers of clothing and head straight for the bones. As the game progressed and the weather based chill started to seep through my boots I noticed that if I concentrated hard on a particular point amongst the spectators a dark figure could be seen. It looked like I was the only one that could see him as he mingled with the Rovers supporters and I was the only one that could hear his ghostly calls of ‘Come on The Greens!’ I suspect I had seen the legendary spectre of old Malvern Town…either that or Terry Prachett’ most famous creation was in town…


Actually it was just a rather tactless and laryngitis ridden Malvern Town supporter…This strange chap just ambled up and down the touchline behind the Rovers supporters like black clothed beggar awaiting someone to keel over in the cold so he could steal their boots.

Mind you, talking of the cold is was chilly again today and poor Mandy was struggling. Wrapped up like the Michelin woman and sporting the latest in Peruvian chic woolly hats you just has to look at her to feel cold.

So to the game…

Woah! What happened there? 1 – 0 already…that came as a shock. Malves take the lead.

Luke ‘working harder than a German sausage maker’ Painter is pulling his weight at the back as usual with some very strong challenges on any attacker that comes within reach. Will 'The mighty left boot' Swiers, James ‘Rocket powered’ Henry and Alfie’ Today is my day’ Newman have teamed up down the left and are starting to make some inroads to the Malves defence. Some top quality passing from Dan ‘Smoother than a snakes chat-up line’ Thomson to Matt ‘Head and shoulders above the opposition’ Waldren for Matt ‘Hammer foot’ Griffin to shoot, just wide.

Side to side passing from the Rovers attackers right across the pitch leaves the Malves looking bemused. A poor challenge on Jacob ‘passing faster than Jenson Button’ Gillibrand leads to a free kick taken by Matty G. The strike lands straight in the gloves of the Malves keeper. Time for Malves to have a go and Connor almost misses a shot but grabs the slippery ball in the end.

Great defending from Liam ‘The wall’ Wood and Luke leading to a nice through pass from Matty W. The final part of the move is a long range, highly flighted shot from Matt Griffo that's caught by the Malves keeper under pressure from James. Luke is using his brain after what could be a difficult situation after a bit of a botched goal kick. It’s all end to end stuff at the moment and Connor ‘between the sticks’ Porter-Brown is keeping the opposition at bay. He drop kicks straight to Matt W who brilliantly picks-up the ball and runs forward. He then unleashes beautifully accurate pass to James and James after two touches slots home a goal, 1-1. A quick response from Malves gives them the lead back, 2-1.


Long run from James keeps the pressure on Malves. Nice ball from Arron ‘Playing a blinder today’ Manton to Alfie. More great skill from Matt W leading to a lovely through-pass from Dan T for James to shoot, taken by the keeper. Luke is well in control at the back, he turns, he runs and he passes to Jacob who, in turn lays one through to James who passes! Yes, passes! across the goal for Alfie to score. We knew you could do it! That's 2-2. Great tackle from Arron again. Mat W passes to Jacob, who passes to James for a shot. Gathered by the keeper again...he’s been a busy lad today.  The Half time changes are rung…

Great start to the second half by Matt ‘The ball controller’ Skipper with a strong tackle and a good pass. Good save from Connor. Panicked clearance from the Malves keeper under pressure from Alfie. Corner to Rovers, Matt G to take. Rovers are trying to be clever with a short corner from Matt G to Alfie who returns the ball for the shot, a little wild.

All the boys are struggling with ball recognition…It’s the round thing that you need to kick to one another…here is a bit of help from your coach…

RussRight boys! Listen to me...When I was young we had a thing called 'Spot the ball'. The idea was that you were given a picture of a footballing scene with the ball removed and you had to guess where the ball was supposed to, I'm going to show you three pictures. One of them is the ball...see if you can guess which one it is...Come on boys!

Spot the ball

Any ideas? You can kick all of then but only one you can score a goal with...
'Come on boys!'

Free kick to Rovers with Matt G to take. Nothing doing. A corner and then another corner after a clearing header.  Things are getting scrappy now. Richard ‘Right in the thick of it’ Stevens is giving as good as he gets in midfield. Dan ‘Where is the biggest attacker?’ Watson is on and The Beast  has an immediate effect. It makes a change for the opposition not to have started to cry yet…give it time. Great shot by Jacob just held by the keeper. Nearly 'Jacobs Comet' again,   Nice save from Connor at the other end. Near the end now but at the death Jacob shows his class with a bewildering nutmeg that leaves the Malves right midfielder looking stupid. What’s this? The final words of the game can be heard drifting across the pitch…the clarion call ‘Come on boys!’ No’s Russ…

A close run thing once again. I’m just wondering why all the boys look about three inches taller than when they started. Ah! It’s the accumulated mud on the soles of their boots. This was like playing on the Somme…

The Somme

Man of the match was Jacob for all of his hard work. This man does not tire…well done again Jake.
Mention in Dispatches
This weeks Mention in Dispatches goes to Luke and Liam for their defensive prowess and superb work rate this match.

The home game will be ours


P.S. Keep an eye on the Worcester Evening News this week as you will be able to see the latest team photo...likely to be a better shot than this...

Rovers 290112

I promised I would put this in for Mandy as well...Liverpool vs Manchester City

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