Monday, March 12, 2012

They played a blinder

What can you say!...another Sunday and another victory. A beautiful early Spring afternoon at Powick was rounded off nicely by another display in precision football from the boys.

What do you think Phil?

Big Phil
Da boyza done good!
Took the words right out of my mouth...

It really was a hot day, T-shirt weather and the knobbly knees were exposed early...Russ in shorts, are you sure we shouldn't use Eric Morecambe as his blog avatar?? Mandy's comment summed up the view from the touchline...


"He's scary enough with his trouser on!"

Thanks Mandy...hem hem... I think it's time for the match report with no further comment...

Good early pressure from James 'I can smell a hat-trick today' Henry and Alfie 'Only if I don't score it first' Newman. Early panic in the Rovers goal mouth leads to a brief scramble but all the pressure is really all coming from our boys. James is felled just outside the Saint's box. Is James's name on a hit list of some kind or has his reputation as the fastest forward in the league preceding him??

The last defender who couldn't catch James...plays for Mexico I believe
Either way it's a free kick from Matt 'Blaster-boot' Griffin that runs across the goal mouth evading all attempts to score or clear. A tidy through-ball from Dan 'Get on the end of that one' Thomson has an accelerating James lofting the ball just over the bar. It's the turn of Ben 'watch this for a piece of skill' James who tries a lob that lands just right for Jacob 'Doing the hard yards' Gillibrand to challenge the keeper. James has another shot which produces a corner via the Saint's keeper. After last week Alfie and Matt G are feeling confident in their short corner tactic and it takes a very special effort from the Saint's number 4 to clear it with a neat overhead kick off the line...Well done that man.

All the boys working hard and really putting in the effort.

A great tackle when we needed it from Matt 'The goal shield' Waldren
A mighty clearance from Matt G.
James has another chase through the Saint's defence and the shot is just about held by a juggling Saint's keeper.
Now it's Jacob...he steams like an express train from the halfway line and the shot is just wide.
Dan T is 'getting in the face' of the Saint's midfielders
Arron 'The Monster' Manton doesn't want to be left out and produces a mighty punt out of defence.
Ben is showing his silky skills in midfield with some strong tackling and accurate passing.
Connor 'The left wing locomotive' Porter-Brown is on a roll from last weeks performance and is appearing all over the park.
Alfie is keeping the Saint's defence on their toes
No surprises...Liam 'The Rock' Wood is making sure nothing is missed at the back while and keeping the midfield well supplied with quality ball.
Meanwhile, where's Ali??

Quiet at the back
It's a bit quiet at the back...
But it's all about to change...Saint's send a couple of kicks high, high into the air. The first is fielded by Liam but the second is gathered by Ali only to be knocked out of his hands by an attacker and goes in. How jammy was that??? 0 - 1. Back in the bad old days this would have led to arguments but not anymore...this is the new improved Rovers...calls of "no problem lads, we can get this back", "It's only one" and "Heads up Rovers!" echo around the park and that means there is no chance of any heads going down. It won't be long before there is an equaliser...

Another storming run by Jacob leads to a shot by Griffo that is guided in by, who else but James. 1-1. See I told you it wouldn't be long...

Alfie unleashes a rocket of a shot that is just saved by the juggler in the Saint's goal but, this time the luck is with Rovers as James knocks it in for his second of the afternoon. 2-1 to Rovers. More great play from the boys. Confidence is really high now and you can see it in the quality of their play. Matt G sends another shot screaming over the bar. After what seems like an age Saint's get the ball again on the break and manage somehow to grab an equaliser. 2-2. Normally things would be getting tense but there is a serene calm about the Rovers team, they know this game is in the bag, it's just a matter of time. Just to prove it Jacob makes a fantastic turn on the ball and shoots. This wins a corner that just goes over the bar.

The half time team-talk is delivered by Russ and Martyn to a squad that is cooler that the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team.

How cool?
And you thought I was kidding...

So, to the second half...

The changes are rung and on comes Luke 'Midfield Maestro' Painter and Dan 'The Beast' Watson. Now we shall see some sparks fly!

Arron is early in to the action with yet another long, long Ali-like kick out of defense. Ali 'Dambuster' Ching hurls the ball almost as far as he can kick it...that's a big throw... Jacob has another shot that goes out for a corner. Arron makes a brilliant tackle to stop an attack that would have brightened Ali's day. Luke is now making his presence felt in midfield with a nice through-ball to Jacob who is trying to take on three defenders. He wins out in the end but the shot is gathered by Saint's keeper. Rovers are keeping our juggling friend busy: Griffo hammers a free kick at him, Luke fires in a cross, Ben and Jacob combine to keep him interested but he gathers them all in. I've used this clip before but it's so good I'm adding it again as it perfectly sums up the Saint's keeper...Dambusters.

We need a winner from somewhere or the cool persona may slip away...Connor is doing his bit and unleashes a belter, just wide. Luke tries the long-ball but it's a bit too far for James. Griffo is pulling his weight with some strong challenges. That man Connor again, he runs and crosses but it's gathered once again by the keeper. Dan T puts in a good tackle and lays the ball off to Jacob. The resulting long run ends with a shot from Luke - just wide for a corner. The corner goes across the goal mouth yet again. Dan W is in the action with a crucial tackle. All the Rovers through-balls are just too long. It's anyone's game.


Dan, Dan you've lost your man!


Dan, Dan run as fast as you can!


Dan, Dan the tackling man!


What is this? a new club song?

Dan W knows what he is doing and combines with Connor to squeeze out a promising attack. Talking of Connor...he's in the thick of it again, tackling like a demon. He passes to Dan T who puts a nicely weighted through-ball to James but the keeper just gets there first.

Ali wallops his hardest kick of the season...two bounces and it's with his opposite number. Ali, What did you have for lunch???

Wait a moment...Hand ball!.  The ref gives Griffo a chance to break the deadlock. Any doubt? No chance. Griffo keeps his knee over the ball and hammers it home. 3-2 to The Rovers. The unstoppable Connor is at it again, running and winning a throw. Rovers have another corner - just over. Dan T and Luke show their class on the left wing. Yet another corner - just wide. Strong challange by Dan T. Wonderful run by Jacob and the shot is just over. The goal kick is sent straight to Griffo. What a mistake to make...he bangs it straight back into the goal.  4-2. That's it the final whistle sounds and another victory to The Rovers.

What else can you say but...

We win

The deserving Man of the match was Liam. He really is the engine room of the team and communicates better than BT.


This weeks Mention in Despatches goes to Conor. Steady and focused in the first half but the effort, skill and strength he showed in the second half was excellent.

Careful or this might become a habit


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