Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who's playing who??

I have to admit I'm baffled...While I am of course very happy that Rangers are in the final...something is bothering me...Last year a tournament was held in Ledbury for one or two sides from the league and a multitude of 'Rangers' teams. In the club news letter it says that Rangers will be playing Warndon Village Leopards in the final but the question is...Are Warndon still masquerading as the Rangers 'B' team??? If so does this mean that the Leigh and Bransford Badgers have the cup sewn up?? I took the liberty of asking the Rangers management team their thoughts...

Rangers Management

I'm not convinced they know themselves...or is it a cunning rouse??

I smell a rat...and need some professional help to get to the bottom of this...


After some serious investigation...which involved several disguises

as the milkman to the wealthier members of L&B Badgers coaching team
as Rhod Gilberts stunt double
as a potential buyer of the Rangers squad
I uncovered the insidious plot...

The plan is not to build a new clubhouse at Powick FC as agreed with the is actually a clone laboratory that will be turning out lookalike Rangers squads to take over the league team by team to ensure they win all tournaments and trophies (you have to assume Ledbury left a scar...). On digging a little deeper I discovered irregularities regarding Italian based financial services with associations in Worcester and a Welsh construction company's proposal for the clubhouse...I have warned the Warndon coaching team and they have taken steps but judging by the latest squad photo I'm to late...

Rangers B
The Rangers 'B' team...Nice kit...
All in good fun...don't shoot the messenger


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